Our Programs

The Shed is where it all happens.
It's a hub of energy and activity.

Like a mini-campus where all of our programs are run, The Shed is where we meet, chat, eat, work, bond, share, learn, cook, & create.

They says it takes a village to raise a kid, and The Shed is our village. It’s where our young folk feel safe, secure, and accepted. 
In their own words:

“It’s our place.”
“It’s our kickback zone.”
“It’s where we can be ourselves without being judged.”

PawsUp is when the kids get to take responsibility for the training, discipline, and care of a BackTrack dog.

These amazing dogs do miracle things for our young folk. Each kid is given responsibility to spend time with, to care for, and to train a dog. They get to know the dog. They get to talk to the dog. The dog will always listen to them, and the dog will never tell anyone. The dogs don’t care if they are black or white or fat or can’t read or have had a messed up childhood. The dogs don’t judge, and that is everything for these kids.

AgLads trains and provides work experience to our kids enabling them to become work ready. The kids work on real properties doing real jobs whilst gaining real skills and accreditation.

The team is a force to be reckoned with. In all conditions, and all seasons, no matter how tough the terrain, and with physically demanding work, they roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

IronMan Welders make everything from dog boxes to farm gates to fox bait dispensers to coffee table items to 30 foot long steel crocodiles.

We have invested in a fully operational welding workshop at The Shed. Kids learn the basics in welding, and hand and power tools. They also work with our artistin- residence to create works of art and sculpture. We have sold some big-ticket items for up to $10,000.

The Paddock is our classroom.

We employ a full-time high school teacher to run our literacy and numeracy program. He specialises in teaching young people who have disengaged from the traditional school system.

The dogs will often be found lying under their desks.

Running Strong is our girls program.

The focus is on wellbeing, role modelling, and engaging with the local community. The girls are supported to navigate life’s challenges and gain the skills and confidence to engage fully in education and employment opportunities.

You will regularly find our girls running strong at schools and aged care facilities, talking to the community with the dogs in tow.

Warrah offers boys a safe environment where they can relax, learn general life skills, such as cooking, cleaning and interacting as a family. A home.

If you don’t have shelter and safety, nothing else matters. You can’t begin to think about school if you don’t have a place to sleep or a meal. You can’t learn new work skills if you feel unsafe and anxious. You can’t walk tall if you don’t live in a community that appreciates and values you.

“It’s like a family. We’re safe, we learn new things every day, and we have fun”.

The School Outreach Program is aimed towards primary and secondary school students who are disengaged with any area of their school life (socially, emotionally, physically or academically).

Weekly sessions delivered on-site at schools combine practical and theoretical components, and are founded on youth work and student welfare. Participating students are supported to find balance and meaning in all areas of their life, and to apply this to their schooling.

Student engagement in learning is achieved through interactions with our PawsUp dogs.

BackTrack Works is our paid employment program for BackTrack participants. Building upon the skills gained under AgLads and Iron Man Welders, we support our young people as they work on into real commercial jobs, under real work conditions.

This enables our young folk to complete traineeships, receive mentoring support to transition into paid permanent work outside of BackTrack, and earn income to support themselves financially.

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