BT Works

Wholly owned by BackTrack, BackTrack Works is an independent youth employment social enterprise which we established in 2018 to facilitate more employment outcomes for the young people coming out of the core BackTrack program.

BT Works manages all aspects of small to medium scale contracts in the primary industries, general construction and fabrication sectors.

Who we work for

We employ a small team of experienced and qualified supervisors to manage a growing range of small to medium scale contracts we’re picking up in the primary industries, general construction and fabrication sectors.

What we do

Our kids will be managing the garden maintenance of some local properties one day and putting up large-scale fences on a New England farm another. All the skills they’ve picked up and been trained on at the Armidale workshop and shed can be called upon any given day, along with the important knowledge they have garnered around turning up on time and putting in a solid day’s work.

Why it works

Under-pinning all of the contracts we deliver is a partnership with our clients, fostering an understanding and empathy with them around the type of workforce we deploy, gaining their confidence that we will manage the nuances of how the work is delivered and, importantly, that the real success is the added social impact of using a BackTrack Works crew to deliver their contract.

BackTrack Works is successful because we offer wrap-around support and accredited, on-the-job training at every stage of the transition of our young people into work. This end-to-end service model facilitates positive outcomes for them and employers gain top quality, dedicated workers.


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