We are on a mission to help as many young people having a hard time as possible

BackTrack is a community based not-for-profit organisation helping young people who are having a hard time, get back on track.

The majority of the kids we work with are aged between 12 and 19 years of age. They have multiple and complex life challenges and before BackTrack steps in, are falling through the cracks of society.

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What We Do

These young people find themselves hanging around in parks, stealing for food, sleeping on the streets, and running into trouble with the cops. They are on a path to getting caught up in the juvenile justice system trap. 78% of the kids who have been in jail will go back to jail. BackTrack is often their last resort for claiming and living a decent, happy life.

We have an 87% success rate when it comes to education, training, and employment. But real program success for us is seeing the change in the kids. After being told, “You’re no fucking good” their whole lives, when they first arrive at BackTrack they can hardly look you in the eye. Then as our program starts to kick in, they start showing how brilliant they really are and talking about their desires for life.

Take the 5% of kids society has given up on: this is our start-up team. We fill this gap in the system by helping these young folk pick up, move forward and achieve their hopes and dreams. We teach them the work and life skills they need to get there and to go on and live a happy and healthy life.

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How do young people describe BackTrack?

“It’s one big family”

“It makes your heart feel like it’s loved”

“It’s a place of belonging”

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The Gap In The System

School is a structured education system. Some kids just can’t sit at a desk in a classroom for six hours a day. And so they start mucking around in class. Eventually they cop a school suspension. They fall behind in their work, and so when they return to school they muck around even more.

Soon they mouth off and start hanging around town instead of going to school, just doing whatever they want. They get kicked out of every school. Mum’s in jail and Dad doesn’t give a shit, so they don’t go home. Instead they couch surf or live out on the streets. They steal money to buy food and stuff. They get caught by the cops, they end they up front of the Magistrate, and they do time in Juvenile Detention (that’s what they call “jail” for young people). And 78% of the time they will reoffend.

So, this kid isn’t at school, isn’t at TAFE, and isn’t working (because he’s only 13 years old). He’s just hanging around and making mischief. Where does he go? What does he do?

These kids are the 5% society has pushed aside and given up on. These are the kids with a tattoo on their forehead that says, “No Fucking Good”. And so they end up either in jail (at a taxpayer costs of $260,000 p.a. ), or at BackTrack.

BackTrack starts with this gap in the system, and our job is to scrub that tattoo off their foreheads.