BackTrack Works

A critical part of BackTrack’s success comes from supporting vulnerable young people as they move through their training and transitional employment towards long-term independence. BackTrack Works was established in 2018 to make this possible, providing vocational, on the job training, that’s deliberately aligned with the regional job market. In this way, not only are these young people able to gain relevant life skills, but they’re using their skills in local, authentic settings. 

For customers, BackTrack Works is a social enterprise which is also a quality contracting business, competitively tendering for projects. Our well-managed workforce is skilled to suit demand – a deliberate choice to support local communities. BackTrack Works currently delivers projects in agriculture, construction, asset maintenance, fabrication, traffic management and disaster recovery. On the most basic level, customers get the benefit of a job competitively quoted, well done, delivered on time, and within budget. On another level, customers welcome the opportunity to support a well-known and respected local social enterprise.