Paws Up

Paws Up is part of BackTrack’s heart and soul, and we’re very well-known across the country for our incredible dogs that form a part of this program.


AgLads trains and provides work experience to our kids enabling them to become work ready.

IronMan Welders

IronMan Welders provides our young people with a range of expert training and work experience opportunities.


The Classroom

Our classroom provides school based learning within an alternative learning environment.

Running Strong

Running Strong is our girl’s program.
The focus is on well-being, role modelling, and engaging
with the local community.


Warrah is our Residential Program and cultivated from the
recognition that – If you don’t have shelter and safety, nothing else matters.

School Outreach

The School Outreach Program is aimed towards primary and secondary school students who are disengaged with any area of their school life (socially, emotionally, physically or academically).